Poker Replay officially launchedIf you’re big on playing poker online, I’m pretty sure you have got plenty of amazing hands that won you games and you wish had the opportunity to share them with the world and at the very least, your poker-playing buddies. And that is what Poker Replay intends to do. The replay service that has been in private beta for the past few months is now finally available to the public.

Poker Replay provides its users with video-recording software that users can use at anytime to record their online poker games. With the software recording their every move, they can learn from their mistakes by watching replays or they can show off to their friends their amazing hands. In addition to providing the software to record your poker videos with, Poker Replay also gives you a community to participate in. Users can upload their videos for other people to watch, comment, share, and even like or dislike.

Just think of it as a YouTube community but strictly for poker videos. Don’t expect to find Annoying Orange or the Key of Awesome videos here. Head over to the Poker Replay website to check it out or to get started.

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