When it comes to gaming, having the right kind of hardware will definitely go a long way in making sure your experience is nothing short of optimal. After all, you might have the best video card which churns out the highest frame rates, but what is the point of all that if you do not have a sound card that is capable of letting you hear all the bone crunching action that’s going on around? It would be a pity, since you can’t tell whether there is an opponent creeping up right behind you, ready to rip you a new one. Well, a good pair of headsets would definitely help, and the ROG Vulcan ANC Gaming Headset steps in to fill this role. 

It is part of the new range of Republic of Gamers accessories, and will be equally at home in noisy environments. After all, being in a cybercafe while playing games is not the ideal way since everyone would have their external speakers turned up to the max, leaving you with nothing specific in-game to hear. The Vulcan ANC Gaming Headset will feature active noise cancelling technology instead, where it will filter external noise from both its high-quality speakers and boom microphone so that you end up with crystal-clear sound quality, never mind if it is meant for music, movies, games or even VoIP calls.

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