Rymble brings Facebook notification into the real world

When having push notifications sent to your smartphone isn’t enough for you to enjoy your Facebook experience, you might want to take things one step further with the latest product from Symplio called Rymble. This device that resembles the fishing game we used to play as children, is made up of a spinning “compass”, a light bulb, and a circle of different statues.

Each statue represents a different notification (i.e. friend request, wall post, likes etc) that is available on Facebook. Whenever a notification appears on your account, the light will blink a corresponding color, and the compass will point towards the correct statue. If the default notifications don’t suit you, you can even customize it to respond to different notifications. Even the gadget itself can be customized in terms of appearances.

No word on pricing or release date, but it should be a pretty sweet gift for people who know who are addicted to Facebook. Sign up your interest on the Rymble website and check out a video demonstration of how the Rymble works after the break:

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