Samsung takes another dig at the iPad for having no Flash

Samsung has just released a new advert for its Galaxy Tab 10.1 WiFi tablet, and unsurprisingly – it features a customary dig at the iPad by advertising its ability to run Flash. It’s becoming a pretty sad world when Android commercials have to keep bringing up the whole Flash issue just to take digs at iOS. I’m no hater (I use an Android phone myself), but I think that we should all be able to get along without having to bite each other’s heads off.

I mean, regardless of the iPad not being able to play Flash, look at how well it’s been selling. Obviously the lack of Flash isn’t stopping people from picking up the tablet. I believe that all these vendors should work on creating superior products instead of pointing out the flaws in other devices. Being able to support Flash just doesn’t cut it anymore. Check out the Galaxy Tab commercial after the break:

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