Hercules, the legendary warrior who is famous for his strength, might be misrepresented by the Samsung T989 – if it is the same and one phone, that is. After all, the Samsung T989 has just received Bluetooth and Wi-Fi certification, and some signs are there to point it towards being the upcoming Samsung Hercules handset. Of course, no new information has been released concerning the Hercules that makes it such a powerful handset via such certifications, although their recent filing dates does give us hope that the handset is already on track for a very possible August or September release date. We await some ninja in Samsung’s labs to snap a quick photo of the Hercules in all its blurry glory anytime now.

If you are holding out for a new smartphone, you might want to consider the Samsung Hercules. Ah well, at least it supports Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity to keep it ahead of the rest of the regular smartphones out there.

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