You know that when a device is named Schumacher Mi3, it will have to be crazy fast, considering it shares the namesake of the inspiring Formula 1 driver who created history by still holding the record number of champion titles that were amassed during his faster days. Well, Nic Case has brought his obsession of remote-controlled toy cars to a whole new level by coming up with his very own toy car known as the Schumacher Mi3. Why so, you ask? Well, this record-breaking toy car is capable of actually outracing your actual set of wheels, so don’t scoff at its size, considering how it is able to hit a top speed of 161.76 mph.

Case actually took half a year and more than $4,000 to construct the Schumacher Mi3 from scratch, where it sports a carbon fiber chassis, an 11hp motor as well as a 12-cell battery pack in order to break new world records. No idea on whether the person driving it is capable of steering the car at such speeds, and we sure hope there is a decent place to test this puppy out without having it get out of sight and ending up under someone’s wheel instead.

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