Seagull GoPro

GoPro cameras are known for being lightweight, rugged and wearable cameras that a lot of folks use to record themselves performing extreme activities (i.e. snowboarding, sky diving, surfing, racing etc) when having someone else to film the event won’t do. After all, nothing can capture the thrilling experience of a first person view as accurately as a camera that’s strapped to your helmet. People have even attached the camera to hunting dogs just to see how they hunt!

Well, recently a GoPro owner left his camera unattended for awhile, and it caught the attention of a nearby seagull that snatched the camera and flew off, with the camera still rolling. The result is a video clip showing what it’s like to be at seagull’s-eye-view over the rooftops of France. Fortunately the owner of the camera managed to track down the camera, and retrieved it with a bit of climbing. And now the video is on YouTube for all of us to see. Check it out after the break:

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