Sense Roid jacket will give you a hugExperts say that hugs are important in the development of the child if dispensed during the appropriate moments, and it could build up one’s confidence in the long run. Well, for those who grew up with a lack of hugs and realized through counselling sessions and self-reflection moments that this could be the reason you do have some social hang ups, or rather, causing you to behave the way you do to a certain extent, here is the Sense-Roid jacket that might give you more hugs than you bargained for. Sense-Roid inventors hope to see this unique jacket function as a form of therapy to those who are far away from you, or perhaps being stuck in a traffic jam that hardly moved for hours on end. 

We would think that the Sense-Roid would be extremely popular at hospitals, since patients tend to feel emotionally isolated. Not too sure on whether inmates might be given access to it – what happens if they take it apart and use those sharp bits and pieces (if possible) as a weapon? My imagination is getting the better of me here, but knowing the amount of posts that I have left to finish up, I sure could make do with a hug from Sense-Roid.

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