Are you a fan of all things Android? If you are, perhaps this MP3 speakers will be a great addition to your ever-growing Android memorabilia. Shaped like Android’s mascot, they’re obviously not official Google products, as you can see the label on the side which looks like “Gotge” to me. It certainly does not spell out “Google”. Shape and design wise, it’s hard not to admit that they were probably heavily inspired by the Android mascot, either that or they are hoping to capitalize on the Android trend.

However despite the “Gotge” brand, they are pretty cute looking devices and apart from making it a great desk accessory, they double up as speakers, with LED lights around the neck of the speakers which light up when music is playing. Pressing on the head of the robot will cause music to either start or stop playing, while twisting the robot left to right adjusts the volume. It also comes with a slot in the back which supports microSD cards along with a mini-USB port which we’re guessing is used to transfer songs onto the microSD or to provide charging.

The speakers also feature a 3.5mm jack which we’re guessing can be used to connect to your computer or MP3 player. On top of all of that, the speakers also feature a built in FM radio. The speakers are available at Now!Supplier for $29.90.

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