Skype on webOS spottedEver wondered just how Skype would be integrated into webOS? Well, for those who are curious can kill the cat now – don’t worry about the feline, it will have another 8 more lives to go anyways. Just check out the image on the side to know just how the Pre 3 is going to look like with Skype running. It does seem to be rather similar to Google Voice on the Android operating system, where you can opt to either route all international calls via Skype, or force it to ask each and every single time you press that dial button.

We too realized that it can handle video cals over the O2 network in Germany (no idea as to whether the same applies to other networks in Germany or not), and both voice and video chat will be available over Wi-Fi and 3G. Apart from that, you can opt to initiate sessions from either contacts or the messaging menu, so you need not fret about firing up another application by itself. The world is waiting, HP. [Translated Page]

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