SoftStep KeyWorx lets you control your computer with your feet

A Berkley-based company named Keith McMillen Instruments has come up with a way to let people control their computers using their feet. Called the SoftStep Foot Controller, this device resembles a large multi-effects pedal that guitarists sometimes use on stage when performing – which is fitting, considering that the SoftStep Foot Controller was initially designed with musicians in mind: people who wanted to control their computers in the recording studio, while still keeping their hands on their instruments (i.e. guitar).

The SoftStep Foot Controller, in conjunction with KeyWorx software can be used for more than just hitting start/stop on a recording program. It will allow users to open and close apps, enter text, zoom in and out, browse folders and files on the computer, control the mouse, and much more – all with their feet. Perfect for people who have injured or disabled their arms but still need to use the computer for work. While there’s going to be a learning curved involved when trying to pick up how it works, it’s definitely better than not being able to use the computer at all. Find out more about the SoftStep Foot Controller and KeyWorx. Video demo after the break:

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