If you’re a fan of Sony and their sound systems then perhaps their latest offering may very well please you. In what seems like a rather ironic move, Sony Japan has just put out two new speaker dock system that would support either iPhone or iPod. Ironic considering how Apple managed to edge out Sony’s hold in the portable music world with the iPod. Either way it looks like Sony decided that perhaps they should capitalize on their rival’s success with these two new speaker dock systems.

The larger model SRS-GX50IP (in the picture to the left) features a 20W x 2ch output while the smaller model, the SRS-GM5IP (in the picture to the right), features a 2W x 2ch output and they both have support for the iPhone 3G/3GS/4 and the iPod class/touch, fifth generation iPods, and iPod nanos, generations 2 through 6. Both models also come with a mini remote control as well which seems like a pretty good deal.

The SRS-GX50IP will set you back $245 while the SRS-GM5IP will only cost $99. No word on whether either models will make an appearance in the United States but if iPhone/iPod speaker docks are what you are looking for, there are already plenty of other choices in the market.

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