Star Wars lightsaber bottle opener won’t cut down dark Jedi but will open your drinks for you

Star Wars lightsaber bottle opener

While it’s going to take a while before the technology to develop lightsabers is developed to give every Jedi wannabe a light saber, how does having a functional replica sound like to you? Though in this case, functional means bottle opener instead of laser-tipped blade for cutting and other misc activities. The Star Wars lightsaber bottle opener is 5.5″ long and acts as a keychain when not in use.

While making sure you won’t ever get thirsty, again, this bottle opener will put a smile on the face of friends and family you serve with this toy (provided they actually know what it means). The Star Wars lightsaber bottler opener is available now for $16.99 from Think Geek (and yes, it is an officially licensed Star Wars product just in case you were wondering).

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