Who would have thought that accessories for your smartphone would evolve to something like the Plugy? Strapya World of Japan has ensured that your favorite portable device will look a whole lot better with the Plugy accessory. Just what is the Plugy? Well, it will come in the following form factors – Apple Stem, Bolt, Key, Mushroom, Winding Spring, and Water Faucet styles, where they will fit into any standard 3.5mm earphone jack, so 2.5mm devices are out of luck here.


Snapping securely into position when inserted, each Plugy is constructed from tough ABS plastic from top end to jack end, being outwardly decorative while ensuring that your jack remains free from dust bunnies, dirt and basically any thing else that might interfere with your device’s sound quality if it gets inside. 

It is so new that it is just in pre-order stage at the moment, and the Plugy Earphone Jack will only be released sometime in the middle of this month onwards. They will retail for around $4.85 a pop after conversion, so if you are interested, you know where to go.

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