SuVolta PowerShrink technology helps chips consume less powerOne of the worst things about today’s smartphones has got to be the battery life. Especially if your smartphone packs a large screen or makes use of 4G connectivity. Well, all those problems might be coming to an end soon. The folks over at SuVolta have come up with a way to extend battery life of smartphones and other mobile devices and it’s not by creating a larger battery.

Without revealing their secrets, SuVolta has claimed to be able to reduce the active power consumption of processors (up to 50%) without sacrificing performance. The PowerShrink technology is also touted to be easy to implement into current chips without much trouble. Su Volta plans to license this technology out to manufacturers, just like how ARM licenses their processors to other companies.

With manufacturers keen on creating sexier and thinner phones without compromising on battery life, SuVolta’s PowerShrink could prove to be very popular if it works as claimed. Stay tuned for the first of such products (from Fujitsu, SuVolta’s first partner) that will be arriving in the second half of 2012.

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