Syria shuts off the InternetThey say that we become better because we learn from our past mistakes, but when you take a look at what is happening throughout the Middle East lately, there has been political unrest against the ruling elite by the common man, and the government responds in the only way it knows how to – twisting the arm of the civilians. Syria has done the same as well as its friends in the region by switching off the Internet in that part of the world, letting up to 33% of all Syrian networks become unreachable. The whole idea behind this? So that protesters who want to plan an uprising or form a protest group might not be able to assemble. The Syrian government perhaps thought of itself to be safe, withdrawing the routes out of 40 of 59 networks from global routing tables, so those who go online are restricted to just state-owned SyriaTel. 

All Syrian government websites will remain reachable though, but as for the rest of the country, good luck getting them to offer status updates on what is happening on the ground. Perhaps Google might step in to help this time round as well….

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