T Mobile and WildTangent to bring games rental to AndroidIf you’re a fan of the games rental system you might be wondering when you’ll get the chance to rent games on your phone. Well, according to the folks at T-Mobile and WildTangent, it’ll be pretty soon. At E3 this week, the two companies unveiled a games rental service, designed for gamers who don’t want to waste money purchasing games they don’t like on their phones.

Since the 15-minute trial period on the Android Market is usually not long enough to fully test a game to see if you like it, the WildTanget service will let users have the ability to rent a game for a day. And if users enjoy playing the game, they can then purchase the full game, with the rental fee deducted from the final price.

The app will be available on Android phones later this year and prices will vary, depending on the original price of the game. One-day rental fees can even be as cheap as $0.25. Sounds like a good way to get games out to consumers, though we wonder if it’ll catch on, seeing how most games only cost a few bucks, unlike PC/Console games rentals that work because games are much more expensive.

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