TDK mass produces see through HD organic EL displayTDK of Japan is first off the blocks with the mass production of the first see-through passive matrix type QVGA organic EL display in the world, otherwise known as the UEL476 if you are extremely particular about model names and numbers. It is said that the range of organic EL displays from TDK will use the passive matrix principle, so the same applies to the UEL476. This newly developed see-through type will mostly target the intention of using it as a main display panel in cellphones and other mobile devices. 

The see-through type organic EL display will feature a field angle of 2.4″, transmittance of 40 percent, and brightness of 150 cd/m2. It has been specially constructedi n a manner where the display contents cannot be seen from behind easily in order to maintain some semblance of privacy, never mind that you are able to see through it in the first place.

So far, organic EL displays have seen action in flat panel displays, and the see-through type is certainly a quantum leap in development to the average man on the street. You can expect cooler devices and gizmos that employ such a display to roll out in the future if companies would want to adopt it on a mass scale.

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