Transform Shoulder Mount HD Movie Kit

How many of you enjoy shooting movies but don’t have the luxury of owning a video camera? Well, all hope is not lost. DSLRs shoot some pretty good quality movies at lower prices too, but the problem with using one is that it’s not exactly very comfortable to hold for a long time – which can be a problem if you don’t use a tripod. But keeping the camera on a tripod all day long doesn’t give you the freedom to move around if you’re looking for a more dynamic shot as opposed to a still one. What do you do?

Introducing the Transform Shoulder Mount HD Movie Kit for DSLR. This funky looking device can turn your DSLR into the video camera you’ve always wanted it to be. With an extremely customizable design, you can set it up so that you can hold your camera in any position you want. It works with pretty much every DSLR and when not in use, it folds up into a small, compact shape that makes it easy to travel around with. It is available now from for $99.00.

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