The TROBOT is now about to enter its fourth iteration, where this miniature 6-axis articulated robot will come modeled after large industrial & assembly line robots. The whole point of this project? For the fourth generation TROBOT to be built, where it will be a wee bit larger and sport more improvements over its predecessors, bringing to the tablet smoother motion, a stronger mechanical structure, additional payload capacity as well as an increased level of precision – of course, this doesn’t mean it is capable of handling “Hurt Locker” situations.


Meant to be a tiny and ‘relatively’ safe robot, where it will work with human counterparts, the TROBOT lacks the necessary power to chop off a limb (accident or otherwise, you never quite know with Skynet’s predecessors, right?) or cause serious bodily harm to a human. Well, that advantage also has its disadvantage – this means it isn’t carved out to perform large tasks for us humans. 

The previous iterations of the TROBOT were built on an extremely tight budget, where the whole project material costs did not break the $100 mark. Version 4.0 will cost much more, with a goal of $2,800 – although it is very close to being realized since 22 backers have already “invested” $2,239, and there are nearly 2 more months to go before this Kickstarter project expires.

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