Hybrid Cycle Pit charging station from ULVACULVAC wants more of the world to go green – at least for folks living in Japan. This has caused them to work on a battery charging system which caters for power-assisted bicycles, where it is made possible by integrating a small wind power generator and a solar power generator alongside a battery charger in Japan. ULVAC will be installed at the power-assisted bicycle charging station, where it will be known as the “Hybrid Cycle Pit,” located right beside the baseball field in Chigasaki City Park. Chigasaki City intends to unveil the charging station for public use from July 10, 2011 onwards.

This newly installed power-assisted bicycle charging system will rely on a 1.6 kW solar power generator, a small 1.0 kW wind power generator (upwind, horizontal axis, propeller type), a battery pack that holds a lithium-ion secondary battery, a charging and discharging control system, and a battery charger. It is capable of generating juice from both solar and wind energy, where excess energy is stashed away in the secondary battery.

This system is capable of charging the batteries of up to five power-assisted bicycles, and up to 10 bicycles per day. Doesn’t sound like much, but at least it is a start.

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