Public urinal sends pee to plantsIt goes without saying that peeing onto your compost heaps is a good idea to provide it with much needed nutrients, but that’s just on a personal scale. What happens when you want to bring that idea to a larger scale that involves urine collection in an urban environment? It might seem to be some ways off, but designer Eddie Gandelman decided to opt for a more decentralized option by thinking up the idea of a public urinal that will filter pee on site, and using it to feed whatever plants that are nearby. Hopefully it won’t encourage the growth of super weeds instead!

This urinal is currently a concept, and it might just make you drink more water so that you will opt to pee at public urinal instead of waiting to go home and enjoy your clean toilet. Apart from that, having more of these toilets around is a good idea as well since it is often illegal to pee in the streets Stateside. 

Dubbed the When Nature Calls urinal, it might actually change the way the fertilizer market works, while making public toilets the more pleasant and popular place to let loose a stream of processed water.

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