When the Wii was released, game developers and fitness institutions started seeing potential use of the Wii for exercise and fitness related games. One of those games/peripherals was the Cyberbike which was developed by Bigben Interactive, which the company teased the public with two years ago.


It seems that the Cyberbike is a full-sized magnetic-resistance stationary bicycle and it also comes along with a copy of the Cyberbike Cycling Sports game, which supposedly mimics the same kind of game that can be found on other stationary bikes in fitness centers, although we’re guessing that you don’t need a membership for this one. It is reported that the Cyberbike will also be compatible with games that can be controlled via a Gamecube controller, and Mario Kart Wii springs to mind. We have to admit that playing Mario Kart on bike does sound like a pretty cool idea.

If it was released say a year ago, the Cyberbike might have been a justifiable purchase, but now that the Wii has dropped to $150, the $199.99 Cyberbike does seem like a pretty expensive toy, more expensive than the console itself.

What do you think Wii owners out there? Is your fitness worth $199.99 or would you rather pay for a gym membership instead?

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