Mango screenshotFront facing cameras are a norm these days – you’ll be hard pressed to find a new phone mid-high end phone that doesn’t pack one of these devices. So it’s no surprise when we tell you that the next generation Windows Phone 7 devices are probably going to carrying them as well. More evidence of front facing camera support in WP7 Mango has turned up, thanks to some folks who played around with the Beta 2 Mango dev tools and noticed an interesting looking icon on the camera screen.

The icon shows an arrow reaching around from the back of a phone to its front, obviously signifying that it is a toggle switch to enable the front facing camera on the phone. While this obviously won’t be on the current generation WP7 devices (none of them feature a front facing camera) this should mean that the next batch of phones should have them. Does this mean Skype integration with WP7 Mango as well? Let’s hope so.

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