Windows Phone 7 Mango update needs no physical buttons?Could the Nokia Sea Ray smartphone be a precursor of things to come with where Windows Phone 7 handsets are concerned? It seemed that the Sea Ray lacked any physical buttons (on the front, at least), with theories flying around that this was because the phone has not been finalized, hence the lack of buttons at the moment with their addition to come later on. Perhaps, but there are other schools of thought as well as Windows Phone 7 might just take a cue from Android and ditching physical buttons once and for all – at least according to famed news breaker Eldar Murtazin from Russia. According to Eldar, the Windows Phone 7 Mango update will no longer require manufacturers to include physical function buttons on the front of a device.

Does this sound good to you, or do you still prefer some physical buttons because they result in lesser accidental presses compared to virtual buttons? Apart from that, Microsoft did place hardware requirements prior to this, so doing a 180-degree turn might not be in their character. What do you think?

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