Social Tattoo


Update: that was too crazy to be true. This was in fact, a hoax.

Looking for something trendy to put on the canvas that is your arm? How about getting a “social tattoo” for yourself? An unnamed woman was recently reported to have gotten one of these tattoos. She got a tattoo artist to ink her whole arm with the profile pictures of 150 of her friends. It wasn’t mentioned why she did it, but she did, and part of the tattoo process was documented on video.

While it has been reported that the tattoo isn’t permanent, it’s still pretty impressive looking. Though it does makes sense that the tattoo is only temporary – after all, contact lists are ever changing, and once in awhile we do get rid of people from our list of friends…right? Anyway, this tattoo is a prime example of how obsessed we are with social networks in today’s age. Bordering on the unhealthy scale for some people, I might say. Hit the break to watch the aforementioned video:

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