ZOMG and Twittersphere are latest modern day words worthy of Oxford Dictionary entryYou know that Internet and geek culture has invaded us to our very cores when you find words appearing inside the Oxford Dictionary when it was once considered to be sacrilegeous and unimaginable. Kudos to the person who thought up of the word “ZOMG”, as it is now on the Oxford Dictionaries Online. Of course, there is also the other word “Twittersphere” that has appeared simply because plenty of people now tend to update the rest of the world through Twitter instead of on their respective blogs.

According to the online dictionary’s blog, “The world of computers and social networking continues to be a major influence on the English language.” As you can see, even words such as “social graph,” “permalink,” “paperless,” “lifehack” and “lappy” has been included as part of the official word list. 

Once this week is over, then “ZOMG” would be fair game when it comes to official documents as well as situations that might be formal, since it has already appeared on the Oxford Dictionaries Online. Perhaps future word processor editions would base their thesaurus and dictionary on the Oxford Dictionaries Online so that the pesky red squiggly line below won’t keep on appearing simply because you typed other Internet slangs.

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