Purchasing your operating system online is a novel idea, as there aren’t any physical discs for you to contend with, and neither do you need to worry about impacting the earth further with more paper printed, packaging, plastics, and having it shipped to your doorstep. Unfortunately, it seems that the Mac OS X Lion’s downloading process has hit a snafu as John Christman claims to have been charged a grand total of $3,878.40 by PayPal despite purchasing just a single copy on July 23rd for $31.79. John says that his PayPal account was further charged another 121 times, hence the heart-attack inducing total.


He is caught in the middle, as neither Apple and PayPal has stepped forward to claim responsibility for what happened – meaning John will have to bear the cost himself at the moment. blamed each other, and neither company would claim fault for the mistake. John says that, “Apple blames PayPal, PayPal blames Apple. They both are claiming to investigate but I am stuck broke for three days now. Apple claims there was only one transaction. When I told PayPal to dispute them, they closed the cases and marked the items as refunded on the 23rd. Bear in mind this money was taken and never returned yet.”

Guess this is one Mac user who might turn to Windows in the future, and walking to a store to buy only software that comes in discs. He isn’t the only ‘victim’ as some others online have reported the same thing happening to them – although not for 121 times, of course.

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