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Folks working at T-Mobile retail outlets today have received a new shipment of stickers that are usually sent to outlets in preparation for the arrival of new devices. Well the batch that they’ve received today is a very curious lot. Nevermind the Android stickers, and the Windows Phone stickers – what’s interesting is the Windows Phone 4G stickers that are part of the bunch.

Since no details of the phones have arrived with the stickers, we’re still left in the dark about what it could all mean, but assuming that the stickers belong to an upcoming 4G Windows Phone 7 device wouldn’t be too far off. It hasn’t been officially announced that the next-gen WP7 phones will have 4G connectivity, but seeing how a large number of new Android devices have it, it would make sense for Microsoft to want their devices to take advantage of faster data speeds as well.

If that turns out to be the case, sorry early adopters! It looks like the next batch of WP7 devices are going to be even sweeter than we anticipated. Mango and 4G, what else could we ask for? Dual-core processors and 3D displays? Stay tuned and we’ll keep you posted.

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