AMD might be in the shadow of Intel most of the time, having hardly taken the upper hand in its semiconductor tussles with its rival, but that does not mean AMD does not churn out quality products. No sir, otherwhise, how else could the company last all these years? While their AMD E-350 processor was an interesting chip that delivered average performance, decent graphics, and relatively low power consumption, it is time to move on from past glories to a brighter future – and the future says that the AMD E-450 processor has its job cut out. Touted to deliver (obviously) more powerful graphics, not to mention a higher processor clock speed (many people still see clock speed as the only benchmark), we are stoked to know that the E-450 will have the same level of power consumption as its predecessor.

To get more technical, the new AMD E-450 will be a 1.65 GHz dual core processor coupled with Radeon HD 6320 graphics that are obviously faster, since both chips will be able to deliver 1080p HD video playback and DirectX 11 graphics without missing a beat.

Expect them to see action in budget-oriented notebooks, although we still have no concrete release date for the AMD E-450 just yet.

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