We all know that HTC and pretty much every Android manufacturer could get into big trouble if Apple’s recent lawsuit succeeds. Combined with Microsoft’s patents (that HTC are paying off for its devices) things aren’t looking too good for Android right now. While Google is stepping in to try and prevent the downfall of the mobile platform, it looks like other companies are starting to plan ahead.

According reports online companies like ZTE and Huawei are looking to distance themselves from Android due to patenting issues. If they do, that means creating an operating system of their own, or turning to an alternative, which in this case could mean Windows Phone or MeeGo. With Windows Phone, companies would have to pay a $15/phone licensing fee while MeeGo is free. But at the moment, there’s no telling if MeeGo infringes on any of Apple or Microsoft patents; in the future it could lead to a case similar to what Android is going through right now.

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