AntiSecWhile LulzSec has disappeared and sailed off into the sea, other hacking groups have picked up where they left off, wreaking havoc on the world. Another infamous hacking collective known as Anonymous, recently made an attack on the intelligence community of the world and has posted some of the stolen material it gained from its endeavors. Just in case you didn’t know, the intelligence community consists of government agencies like the CIA or Mi6 (UK) and the companies that support them, which means there’s a possibility of some pretty juicy information that will surface as a result of these attacks.

Sure enough, the group’s first release is over 90,000 military emails, 4GB of source code, and login credentials as well as other sources of information Anonymous could use to hack the intelligence community’s digital infrastructure. Anonymous managed to get their hands on all this data by hacking Booz Allen Hamilton – a consulting firm that often works with the US Department of Defense and National Security Administration.

The files have been uploaded to sites like The Pirate Bay and MirrorCreator, and are no doubt in the hands of people all over the world right now. Apparently there’s even information that could get certain people fired. It looks like the AntiSec movement is alive and well.

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