Whispers abound that Apple is currently working on refreshing their range of hardware (as they are wont to do each year, creating a whole lot of buzz in the process), with parts of the new Mac mini and MacBook models spotted from time to time. While a new MacBook Pro might not be in the works, we could very well be looking at a new Thunderbolt-enabled LED Cinema Display.

Yes sir, that is right, as Apple did confirm that bit on their own after posting (prematurely, one can imagine) a new image on its site that shows off the display while calling it the “MC914” in the URL. The display does more or less look to be the same as the current LED Cinema Display upfront, but you can be sure that the real deal is very different in terms of the existence of a Thunderbolt port. Goodbye mini DisplayPort connection!

In addition, someone even spotted an image that shows off a MacBook Pro hooked to a couple of LED Cinema Displays that have been daisy-chained via Thunderbolt. Things are certainly heating up in due time, so stay tuned.

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