Battery life on laptops is one of the features manufacturers tend to use in their marketing strategies, which the MacBook Air claiming to be able to run for 5-7 hours. Since laptops are naturally meant for mobility and portability, battery life does play an important role in deciding if a consumer would be willing to sacrifice power for longer battery life or would they favor power over longevity.

As it stands, the MacBook Air has pretty good battery life although if the latest patents are any indication, it looks like Apple might have plans to extend them even further through the use of jelly rolls which are typically found in current batteries such as AA, AAA or D batteries. The filing which has been dubbed “Battery with Multiple Jelly Rolls in a Single Pouch,” aims to improve the existing lithium batteries found in most electronic devices, including the iPhone, iPad and the portable Mac computers.

The patent goes on to describe how jelly rolls of various thicknesses and length can be sealed in a pouch that fits around other components within a device, such as processors, printed circuit boards, memory, storage, etc. What this means is that Apple could develop batteries that fit around the circuits of our mobile phones and computers, extending battery life even further. Let’s hope that this is one of the patents that Apple actually plans to use in the near future as longer battery life on iOS or Mac devices is always welcome.

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