If you want one of the more creative and zany looking vehicles in your garage, then you need not look very far with Arcimoto’s SRK. This is an electrical vehicle which is currently a fifth-generation prototype that features front-wheel drive to get you going, although the range isn’t going to impress anyone as you will have to plan your travels within a 40-mile radius – and that’s only one way, of course. You won’t be able to smoke any other sports cars out there either let alone a family saloon with a top speed of 65 miles per hour.

Using lead acid batteries to keep the cost down at $17,500, folks who want something far more powerful will have to fork out even more for lithium packs that in turn, doubles the range. It takes around 6 hours to juice up the Arcimoto SRK at 110 volts, but on a 220 volt system, it shaves down that amount of time to just two hours.

Carrying only two people at most, this might be the perfect fun date car, no?

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