ARMAR III  gets the grasp of thingsPun not intended in the title, but the ARMAR-III robot has definitely gained enhancements to be at the stage where it is capable of working out its very own pre-grasping strategies, targeting objects that are pretty tough to pick up there and then. Just what kind of objects are we talking about? Well, for starters, how about a slice of pizza that you asked it to bring to you? Not only that, if the ARMAR-III were to be developed to be some sort of home assistant robot, it might also need to pick up after your collection of Blu-ray discs and audio CDs.

Well, the main method that ARMAR-III will apply would be to slide the flat object (as long as it is no thinner than that of a CD, we suppose) to a place where it hangs partially over the edge of the surface before readjusting itself to pick it up – otherwise, its fingers will be unable to get a grasp of things. 

To get a grip on how the ARMAR-III functions, you can always check out the video below.

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