Asus did demonstrate their Xtion Pro and Wavi Xtion motion sensors back at CES earlier this year, and being the forward looking company that Asus is, they have already released an updated model of the Xtion Pro – calling it the Xtion Pro Live, of course. Playing nice (pun not intended) with both Windows and Linux-powered machines, the Xtion Pro Live will not only complement the original’s IR (infra-red) and depth sensors with a VGA webcam that resembles that on the Kinect and a pair of microphones, but will also add additional burden on your pockets – with a price point of $300 that might put it well out of reach for most gamers.

With news that the Kinect is arriving on the PC in due time (the Asus Xtion is not Kinect-compatible), this would mean the Asus Xtion Pro Live is going to have a particularly hard time breaking into the market, but then again Asus’ main objective of the Pro Live model is to help developers design better games and apps for the Wavi which incidentally, has yet to be released. Anyone willing to give the Asus Xtion Pro Live a go when it arrives?

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