AT&T blackout date for employee vacations signals iPhone 5 launch?Come this September, the spanking new iPhone 5 will roll out with all the bells and whistles. Well, since AT&T will be carrying the iPhone 5, it makes perfect sense for AT&T to ensure that all of their employees are ready for the rush. I would suppose those who were there right from the original iPhone’s launch would be able to know just how the atmosphere would be like, but you never lose anything by being prepared, do you?

Word has it that AT&T has already completed their employee training for the iPhone 5 launch, and have been informed via e-mail (what else, did you expect a typewritten letter these days?) that they are not allowed to go on vacation during the last two weeks of September – which logically speaking, would mean the iPhone 5 will roll out then.

According to the e-mail below that was sent to Gizmodo, it reads, “I’m an AT&T employee and my boss just announced that vacation requests for the end of September will be denied due to an ‘event blackout’. Historically the only time they’ve done this was for an iPhone release.” Bear in mind that this is still speculation as at time of publishing. What do you think?

AT&T blackout date for employee vacations signals iPhone 5 launch?

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