Billion pixel camera to snap pretty photos from spaceSo you’re basking in the glow of your recently purchased DSLR that is capable of capturing images which have 5 times the resolution of what your previous digital camera could do? You can send a knife through the green-eyed monster’s heart after reading about a new camera which is capable of shooting billion pixel images – thanks to the European Space Agency’s efforts in mapping out the Milky Way galaxy in 3D. This effort will see UK-based e2v Technologies construct a stupendous digital camera which is made up of 106 charge coupled devices, putting to shame Sauron’s all-seeing eye as it is touted to be able to measure the thumbnails of a person on the moon, all the way from the third rock from the sun. Sufficiently impressed? We’re sure, and some of you might have even wet your pants upon hearing that.

We do wonder whether this unique camera will be able to shoot more than meets the eye down the road, or could it be assimilated into the bestiary of techno-organic lifeforms when it is millions of miles away from earth? Only time will tell, but hopefully Soundwave won’t hitch a ride on this puppy or earth is screwed.

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