The future is an interesting place to be in, and you can never quite tell just what new wonders will be introduced. Well, it seems that nano-sized computers that are implanted within the human body would be endowed with the ability to autonomously sense multiple signs of disease – diagnose them, and then release in controlled moments the right kind of drugs (or herbal solutions perhaps, for a more holistic approach). It must be said that such a biomolecular computer would be decades away from reality, but that doesn’t mean what researchers are doing at the moment do not add up to the overall chart of progress.

It is still a long road ahead before biomolecular computers that are small enough to be implanted within the body to sense a combination of several disease indicators. Researchers claim that the “biggest challenge is operating such devices in living surrounding like the blood stream or cell’s cytoplasm.” Hopefully they overcome that obstacle sooner rather than later.

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