Blizzard to merge Starcraft II regions together

Starcraft II players should be familiar with Blizzard’s system, and how groups players according to their region, which sometimes can be inconvenient for friends living in different regions who may want to play together. This was a similar issue that players encountered in World of Warcraft, with regions being split up in into North America, Latin America, Europe and Oceanic, Korea, China, etc.

It looks like Blizzard has plans to change that and will be merging several regions together, namely North America with Latin America, Europe with Russia, and Korea with Taiwan. Blizzard claims that the merging will help to speed up the process for automated matchmaking, find closer skill matches, and reduce queues for custom games. Blizzard has said that this will only affect multiplayer game play, which means everything else should remain the same.

Blizzard also claims that latency will not be affected, as those regions will continue playing through the same data centers as before, which I guess that remains to be seen. For now it is good news for players who may have been experiencing long queues and poor matchmaking in their matches. We wonder if Blizzard has plans to eventually link all regions together, although judging by certain language barriers, we don’t see that happening.

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