Capcom announces Resident Evil 15th anniversary box set

Fans of Resident Evil (or better known as Biohazard in Japan), in case you didn’t realize, the game is actually 15 years old. It’s a pretty impressive figure to hit for any game and it brings me back to the good old days of the PlayStation 1, where I got my first taste of the Resident Evil franchise.

To commemorate the 15th anniversary of the franchise, Capcom will be releasing a box set of the game via e-Capcom, which unfortunately is not only a limited edition run, but it appears to only be available in Japan (although we’re guessing that a few copies should be popping up on eBay, thanks to entrepreneurial minds). It will be released on the 8th of September 2011, and will retail for 7,800 Yen which roughly converts to about $98.

For those who are wondering what they will (or will not) be getting with the box:

This is probably one for the collectors and hardcore fans who have played the entire franchise and are looking for a special way to commemorate the game. We had earlier reported about a guy who made it a point to collect every single NTSC PlayStation 2 game; I wonder if he plans to get in on the action.

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