What time is it? You take a glance at your watch, and realize that it has run out of juice. Never mind, there are a gazillion devices out there that tell the time as well, so fret not. But what if you’re one who loves the live of an adventurer? Surely you would require a rugged timepiece strapped to your wrist at all times, that does more than tell the time? Casio fills this niche with their range of G-Shock watches, and the latest model to hit the FCC would be the Bluetooth-enabled GB-6900.


Bluetooth 4.0 technology, says Casio? Before you fret about the battery life, Casio has reassured the masses that even with 12-hours of Bluetooth connectivity per day, the watch is still able to last for up to two years on a single battery. Just how is that possible? No, you need not sacrifice your firstborn to appease the battery gods, but rather, the GB-6900 relies on Casio’s Touch Solar technology which will juice up the timepiece with either sunlight or artificial light.

The Bluetooth connection is there to synchronize with incoming emails, wireless time synchronization as well as a finder function. Casio is knocking on developers’ doors to roll out sports, heath, home entertainment and communications applications. No idea on pricing, but we would love to see a smartphone app released to work with this watch.

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