Cisco’s latest device known as the Wireless Video Client has just picked up FCC approval, where it is also goes by the model number VEN402-XX if that is your cup of tea. Gemtek Technology is the manufacturer of choice for Cisco, where the Wireless Video Client is capable of supporting dual-band Wireless-N Wi-Fi connectivity without missing a beat. The FCC filings lack additional, in-depth information to tease us with, although test reports do point towards a solitary Ethernet port just in case there is still someone who doesn’t want to take the wireless route.

The label location photos of the bottom of the device as you can see above point towards a concave exterior, where it seemed to take on a vertical design – makes me reminisce of the PS2 which could stand vertically, impressing the heck out of many people in the process.

There is no clear picture on what the VEN402-XX is able to do, but it does seem to be a form of video streaming device that probably will not be too far different from what Roku is offering.

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