Cryptex combo USB flash driveSurely for the majority of the people out there who lay their eyes on the Cryptex combo USB flash drive for the first time might think of it to be some sort of high tech device, holding secrets that are not meant for human consumption, and would perhaps find a better place as a movie prop than a receptacle to store data. Sorry to burst your bubble, however, as this is nothing but a cool USB flash drive.

Hand-made by a dude known as “Tarator” in Russia, he actually relied on AutoCAD software to flesh said Cryptex out, followed by sending the designs over to mechanical drawings in order for individual components to be fabricated from metal so that the masterpiece is complete and ready for action.

If you can’t crack it open, perhaps you can wait for umpteen years for the metal to corrode before retrieving the electronics (and subsequently, information) inside. A 5-wheel combination lock acts as the sleeve to restrict access, and we hope that there is a secret method to unlock this just in case you forget your code.

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