Electric car sharing with the Citroen M concept

The carpool concept is not a foreign one and it has been encouraged for years as it has a couple of benefits. For starters it puts less cars on the road, which means that during peak hour traffic, less cars might mean no traffic jams. As a consequence of having less cars, it would also mean that less pollution is given off, and less/shorter traffic jams would also mean less vehicles burning fuel unnecessarily. It’s basically a gift that keeps on giving.

It seems that designers James Brooke and Richard Bone have come to the conclusion that if we carpooled with electric cars, wouldn’t that drastically reduce our carbon footprint even further? Their answer is the Citroen ‘M’ electric car that might one day be a reality.

The Citroen ‘M’ has been designed in such a way that if it were to be made a reality, it is said to make use of as little material as possible. The designers have thought to craft the vehicle from Fibrolon (injection moldable bio-plastic) and natural fibers. Small, cute and green, what’s not to like?

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