Epic Games: people want to spend $6 on iPhone games

Infinity Blade

How many of you spend money on games for your mobile devices? If you have, how many of you have spent over $5 on a single game before? If you answered yes to both questions and you think you’re in the minority: there’s more people like you than you think. According to Epic Games, the company behind the hot selling game, Infinity Blade; people are willing to spend money on a game – as long as it’s worth it. The over $11 million of revenue they’ve made from the game alone (and that is after subtracting Apple’s cut) proves it.

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“Experience tells us that if you create content with high production values the audience will buy it. You’re customers, what would you prefer to do: Buy a game like Infinity Blade for $6 with plenty of gameplay, good production values that offers a visceral experience; or pay 99c for something you play once and never ever go back to?” says Epic Games’ senior manager, Mika Gamble.

Well, it looks like developers who are thinking of pricing their games at $0.99 might want to think twice after seeing how successful games can be at premium prices. Of course, the quality of the game will have to match its price tag.

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