Fujitsu shows off next generation color e-Paper Module

Fujitsu next generation color e-Paper Module

The days of eReaders mainly being in black and white are coming to an end. Manufacturers are trying to inject color into readers that work well in full color and in difficult lighting conditions. It looks like Fujitsu are next up to the plate with the unveiling of its latest color e-Paper Module. Designed to be used in eReaders, the color e-Paper Module uses Cholesteric LCD technology instead of traditional LCDs that has been in use all this time.

Cholesteric liquid crystals don’t require polarizing plates, reflecting plates, color filters or back lights, which means that they can be thin, light and bright. Fujitsu also decided to replace Windows with Linux, leading to increased performance of the module. No word on when we’ll be seeing it in use, but from what we’ve seen so far it looks pretty impressive.¬†Find out more by watching the informative video provided, courtesy of

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