Fusion Garage JooJoo 2 clears FCC hurdlesIf at first you don’t succeed, try again – that seems to be the mantra that Fusion Garage has taken with their JooJoo 2 tablet, where it has received FCC approval – slightly more than half a year after Fusion Garage drove the nail into the original JooJoo’s coffin. Scant details are available as at press time, although the FCC label ID drawing does point toward a tablet-sized device for the masses.

A little bit of history lesson here – the original JooJoo was meant to be a 12″ tablet which will perform its task by surfing the Internet, and certainly lacked the processing power to handle anything more than basic browsing and web application use.

Its launch did seem headed for failure right at the start, since it was not only overpriced, it lacked the hardware to deliver an inspiring performance level. Apart from that, the user experience failed to live up to expectations, and was far removed from what folks were (and still are) used to – the iPad/iPad 2 and a bevy of Android-powered tablets. All the best to Fusion Garage with their second effort!

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