If you’re the type that spends long hours using a laptop, then perhaps the track pad on the laptop may not be the most ergonomical solution for you. There are also probably some users out there who just in general prefer using a mouse over a track pad, as a mouse tends to be faster and more precise. The downside is that due to the portability of laptops, the use of a mouse would require a flat surface, which may not always be possible. That’s where the GadgiT-Mat Laptop Mouse Platform will probably come in handy.

It basically acts as an extension to your laptop, with a clamp that clamps onto your laptop, and all you would have to do is slide the platform into place. Naturally laptops come in various sizes and thickness, but the clamp is said to be able to be adjusted to varying levels of thickness.

It also comes with a gel pad for you to rest your wrists on, to prevent strain, and because it is elevated, it does not block access to your DVD drive or USB ports. If that sounds like something you would be interested in having as an accessory for your laptop, the GadgiT-Mat Laptop Mouse Platform is currently retailing at 20 GBP (about $32).

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